Twenty-Sixteen was definitely a year of spiritual growth and self discovery for me. However, it wasn’t until I actually compiled this list, that I realized just how much this past year taught me. Some of these will have explanation with them, explaining how I came to realize it, while others won’t because their pretty self explanatory so they’ll feature Bitmoji Christal. Enjoy ♥

16 Things I Learned from 2016

16 Things I learned in 2016

1. God Is Good, Even When We Don’t Deserve It

If you were to ask me & mom what is the one thing we always ask for in our prayers, we would say God’s favor! This year, my homie G.O.D showed up and showed out in both of our lives!

2. I’m not Stupid

As ridiculous as it sounds… I actually had to learn this!

If anyone had told me back in August of 2015, when I was getting ready to start my freshman year of college (after taking a five year break after high school), that this 2.4 GPA High School Student have made the Dean’s List and become a member of her school’s Honor society… She would have said you were full of sh*t!

I use to put myself down all the time, which attributed to me putting off school as long as I did. How many times have you said the line, “I’m gonna fail” “I’m so dumb/stupid” or “I’m just not good enough”??  Saying stuff like this, even if it’s just in a single moment of weakness, has a way of taking root within your spirit and eroding your self-confidence & self-esteem.

3. Instagram is More Than Just a Place for Selfies & Memes

Some may be surprised to know that underneath the sometimes, shallowness of IG, actual communities, teams, and support groups can be found inspiring & uplifting one another!

Over the Summer, I embarked on a fitness journey, and chronicled some of it on IG…. Let. Me. Tell. You.. the amount of motivation and support I received daily from the #FitFam & #BodyPositive communities were truly inspirational and encouraging

4. It Takes Satan Only Seconds to Steal Your Joy & Determination

5. It’s Okay to Go Through Things Alone. You Don’t Always Need Someone Beside You

During my First Semester, I was so nervous to be going into an environment where I didn’t know a soul! You know how those first day jitters are… but as I progressed through the year, I astonished at the balls I had obtained! Embarking on that first year alone, without anyone having any preconceived notion of who I was, allowed me to blossom into the person I wanted to be! From that experience, I learned that sometimes, pulling up your big girl britches and doing stuff by yourself, helps you find out what you’re really made of!

6. I’ve Got to Learn to Relinquish My Need for Control

“But Chris… How do you learn that you need to learn something??”

Well it’s kinda like how people who go through addictions say the first step is acknowledging you have a problem. 2016 taught me that I have problem when it comes to wanting control every aspect of my life and because it’s impossible for me to do that, it causes me to have anxiety. So this year, as one of my “New Year’s Resolutions”, I’m going to try on relinquishing that need for control and placing more of my worries & anxieties with God.

7. It’s Okay to Cut-Off Old Friends & Acquaintances

Sometimes you’re goals, lifestyle, and personality may no longer mesh with that friend or acquaintance from middle/high school. If the change is too drastic, it’s okay to remove those people from your space.

For example, you may be a mom and have a friend who parties way too hard on an everyday basis. It’s okay to put some space between you and that friend. Some people attempt to hold on to friends they have in previous stages of their lives for any number of reasons, even if that person or that relationship is toxic to who they are now! It’s okay to acknowledge that who you are today isn’t the same person you were five years ago. Don’t be afraid to make a decision that is ultimately, best for you!

8. Everyone Who Say They’re Your Friend, Ain’t!

To know more about this, check out my post from a few months ago called, Fake Friends & How to Spot Them .. It’s a great read 😀

9. You Don’t Have to Go to School to Become a Doctor or a Lawyer

If you’re not truly passionate about being a doctor or a lawyer, than don’t put yourself through the agony of trying to be something you’re not meant to be to achieve your definition of success. Take it from someone who personally put herself through it… me. Ultimately, however, I had to realize that it’s okay to go to school for something you are passionate about. Passion breeds wealth in more ways than just monetarily!

10. Social Media is NOT Bae


Sometimes, we all need a break from social media, especially when something Political is going on in the world! Also, social media has a way of making us want to compare ourselves our lives to our friends. It then becomes easy to talk down upon yourself, saying things like, “I don’t have as many friends as her” “I’m not even close to being as successful as him” or “Everyone seems happily married… meanwhile, I’m looking for the spoon for the peanut butter!” When feelings like these start seeping in, it’s time to disconnect from the internet!

11. I’m Getting Better at Telling People No & Standing Up for My Beliefs

If you remember my post, Overcoming a People Pleaser Mentality, from a while back, then you know it’s been one of my goals in life to stop spending some of my time trying to please everyone and conceding to others. Well this past year definitely put me to this test in this area. With all the violence that happened throughout America in 2016, I was place in the position to not only realize my feelings on certain situations, but to also express those feelings, even if it meant pissing some people off and losing friends. Although this was really tough for me to do…. the feeling of knowing I stood my ground on something I was passionate about, was extremely satisfying!

12. There’s So Much More to be Learned Than What’s Found in a Classroom/Degree Plan

13. I am Nowhere Near Ready for Kids

I spent a large amount of my Christmas vacation babysitting for a friend of my mom’s, because A. her son is absolutely adorable and B. his mom is a little cray-cray so he could use the break! During that time, I realized that although I may love kids and playing with them, and watching them laugh at the stupidest things, I also enjoy handing them back to their parents and enjoying my “me” time, which usually consists of sleeping, watching Netflix, and wasting time on the internet lol.

It’s easy to get baby fever when the majority of your friends are having kids and settling down, but I implore you to babysit a toddler for a couple days overnight….

14. Time Management is Key

Last Semester nearly killed me because I didn’t manage my time wisely. A lot of things were put off til last minute causing me to be in a constant state of stress! This year (and semester), time management will definitely be a necessity.

15. Stop being Afraid to be Yourself… I’m Enough Just as I am & So Are You

In a world that seems so quick to judge on the slightest imperfections, it’s easy to get in the habit of hiding who you really are. Maybe you have a quirky trait, or a physical birthmark, or an unpopular belief that you constantly hide from others. Share these qualities with the world… because if you continuously choose to hide them, you’re no longer showing people an authentic you, but an inauthentic version of someone else.

16. America Still Has a Long Way to Go… but Nowhere is Perfect

Without getting too deep into this past election season, I will say, it did bring up quite a few character flaws still residing within America that has been band-aided up over the year. However, no home is perfect…

If you’re not learning from your past, then you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes and wind up in the same circumstances. 2016 was definitely an enlightment year for me, how about you? What lessons did you learn this past year? Share them in the comments below. Oh and how adorable was Bitmoji Christal?! I’m obsessed w/ her! Until next time, peace ✌ Love ❤ and Zaspyness 🌼



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6 comments on “16 Things I Learned from 2016”

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Alix and your so right about how school refines your skills. I can honestly say, I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the way I think about things as well as the way communicate, thanks to college!

  1. I LOVE all the bitmojis! LOL! And I had to learn last year that not everyone who says they’re your friend are as well. I hope you have a great 2071 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Carly! I’m glad you loved the bitmojis! I’ve been a bit obsessed with them lately lol 🙈 I’m sorry you had to discover that someone wasn’t your real friend… I don’t wish that anyone but I’m happy you discovered it before the new year! Thanks so much for the well wishes and I hope your 2071 is awesome as well 😉 lol

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