Hi… I’m Christal, The mad scientist behind Simply Zaspy. I’m 24 and currently residing deep down in the Heart of Dixie; or Mobile, AL for you Yankees 😉


I’d like to consider myself a modern day Renaissance woman if you will. I have so many diverse passions and interests such as cooking (long as I don’t have to wash the dishes), graphic design, novice DIY projects, couponing, and attempting (attempting being the keyword here) to live a healthier more natural lifestyle. I am nowhere close to being a guru in any of these subjects and I definitely don’t claim to be. I just enjoy learning, creating, and sharing new things.

Simply Zaspy is a place where I will share all my creative interests as well as myself. I am a constant work in progress, whether its working on my struggle to control my weight or my struggle to control the world around me. I’m 23, so I have a lot of lessons to learn, Uh-oh’s to make, and things about myself to discover. I’m just hoping to have a little fun along the way and hopefully inspire you to do the same 😉


Who or What is a Zaspy?!

Long Story Short: I am Zaspy, Zaspy is me or the me within myself. Kinda like an alter-ego but not in the crazy, Nicki Minaj or Sybil, kind of way. I don’t just switch from talking normal and get a crazy accent or something, I promise haha.

Now for the Long Story Long: At first, Zaspy was just a quirky username I created for an online community I was once apart of. I wanted something cute but quirky. Subtle but full of shnazz and pizazz. So using the word pizazz, I created Zaspy (Pizaspy if I’m feeling formal 😉 .) It had no meaning whatsoever, but after a rough period of depression, I decided I needed a fresh start. A mental do-over. So, I decided to make Zaspy stand for something. Hope, Creativity, Strength, Positivity, and most Importantly, happiness. So whenever I started to feel down, depressed, or just overwhelmed, I would mentally tell myself, “Find your Inner Zaspy,” which basically meant, find the positive, relax, and be yourself.


6 Random Facts

-I plan on starting College in the Fall of 2014 2015( I took a little hiatus)

-I’m no June Cleaver. 60% of the time my home looks like a war zone between me (an organizational freak) and my mother (another lounge chair, exercise machine, and 3rd mattress away from being on the next episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive). I will never show pictures of her room….ever.

-My writing is so horrible, I acknowledge that. Matter of fact, I probably have Shakespeare rolling in his grave. I use emoticons like 😀 😛 🙂 frequently. You most definitely will see LOL {laugh out loud} in a lot of my posts. I’m a dramatic person so “…” is my bestfriend 😀 <—see {shake my head}.

-To my mother’s dismay, I don’t have kids or a husband but I do have an adorable 2yr old Maltese name Jasper (from the vampire off twilight)


-I’m addicted to cheese, there is no such thing as “to much cheese”

-I have a tazer, you’ve been warned

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6 comments on “About”

  1. Hello Christal ! Found your blog through SITS community. Love your blog design. Your writing is horrible… you have got to be kidding me. I like your style it’s funny & interesting. Jasper is so cute 🙂

    • Haha Thank you Divya so much for stopping by I appreciate the love♥ I’m glad you like the design, I did it myself 😀 I try to write like I’m talking to my best friend. Thanks again for visiting ♥

  2. Hi-
    Thanks for posting about colonoscopy tips. They are NO fun. The hunger pains kill me. By the way…you don’t need a husband, I got my divorce finalized in March. I have 2 wonderful kids though, which brings me happiness.

    • I’m glad you liked the colonoscopy post Elise! The day before my prep I ate until 11:30pm…I tried to do the hibernation thing like bears hahaha didn’t work though 🙁 Sorry to hear about your divorce…men can be such boobs sometime

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