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You know what I’ve always wanted? Some really cute fabric boxes. A must-have for any cute bookcase, shelf, desk, or storage design; however, I could never justify paying so much for them. Fabric boxes start anywhere from $6 for small ones, to $20+ for bigger, more useful ones. Not to mention, if you’re trying to establish a certain look, you’re definitely gonna need more than one. Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t see myself throwing away $20+ on something that I may not even totally be in love with.

So… how do we solve the problem of having the exact boxes we want for a happier price? By making our own, of course! And…to make it even better…we don’t even have to use a sewing machine for these DIY Fabric Boxes, cause ain’t nobody got time for that!

For this project, I’m actually gonna do a price breakdown to show you how much money you will actually be saving by making this boxes yourself because the difference is incredibly awesome.

Things to consider: I used pretty big 12″ L x 15″ W x 12″ H boxes. Buy your fabric according to the measurements of your boxes. I bought 3 yards which will cover 4 boxes! Also I used 100% Polyester, so if the boxes get something on them, you can easily wipe it off. Is that smart thinking or what?!

DIY Fabric Boxes

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - Big Pin

Here’s what ya need:

  • Boxes (mine are 12 x 15 x 12) {Price=Free from U.S Postal Service}
  • Fabric (I picked this one) {Price = $7.98 per yard; I paid $24 for 3 yards}
  • Hot Glue Gun {Free because I already had it }
  • Hot Glue Sticks (ALOT ) {Price=$1.00 for a 20 pack}
  • Copy Paper {Free because I already had it but its $2 at the dollar store}
  • Scissors
  • Box Cutter
  • Measuring Tape/Yard Stick


First thing we’re gonna do is prep the box by gluing down the bottom flaps with hot glue and removing the top flaps with a box cutter. Originally I taped down the bottom flaps, but gluing works way way better!

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - cutting the flaps

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - flaps cut

Next, we’re going to measure the box and cut the fabric accordingly. Since the total area (oh snap, mathmatics!) around my box is 54 inches, and my fabric is 58 inches wide, I’m not gonna worry about cutting the width of the fabric, just the length. The height of my boxes are 12 inches and I want to have an extra 7 inches on both ends to fold over the top of the box and under the bottom; so I’m gonna cut my fabric at 26 inches. So that’s going to leave me with a piece of fabric that is 58 inches long x 26 inches wide.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - cutting fabric

Now it’s time start gluing, woot woot! Starting from which ever side you decide to be the back of your box, position your fabric center of the back, making sure your overlap is long enough for however you want it. I used a square to make sure I had the fabric straight but you don’t have to

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - placing fabric

Once you have it positioned where you like, place something on top of it to hold it in place, and hot glue the edge down securely.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - gluing down fabric

Next, turn the box around with the glued edge facing away from you like this

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - facing away

To make the application process easier, It helped me to roll my fabric up backwards kinda like wrapping paper, since essentially we’re going to be wrapping the box

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - rolled fabric

Now began gluing down the fabric by placing flat lines of hot glue on the surface of the back of the box and tightly pulling the fabric over the glue and rubbing down one line at a time. To make a flat line of hot glue, you press the nozzle against the box. This way no huge blobs of glue will show through the fabric

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - Flat lines

When you get to the corners of the box, apply a lot of hot glue on both sides of the corner because that area gets the most stress.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - Glue on Corners

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - corner

After you have glued down the first half of the back and your first corner, it becomes a lot easier. Now you can either glue down only the corners being sure keep the fabric pulled slightly tight where there is no slack, or you can add a few flat lines of glue for extra support on the flat surfaces as well as liberally gluing the corners. Both ways work, but I prefer to the second way because It provides more security.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - Gluing down outside

Keep gluing til you make it back to where you started.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - gluing down fabric 3

Now glue the your 2nd end you’ve been working on a little bit over the edge of the first end you started with. Then you’re gonna your end and fold it under to create a somewhat of a faux-hem and glue it down

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - Oneside glued over other

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - gluing down hem

Now let’s glue down the top and bottom flaps.

Starting with the top at our faux-hem, glue down the edge we started with first over the top of the box.

DIY Fabric Boxes, No - Sewing Required! Easy tutorial showing you how to make your own box for under $10
DIY Fabric Boxes, No – Sewing Required! Easy tutorial showing you how to make your own box for under $10

Now glue down the other flaps and then the other half of the hem last

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - gluing 2nd flap

Next, turn the box over and do the bottom, which easier. Start by gluing down the long flaps first and then the shorter flaps. It’s ok the fabric doesn’t cover the complete bottom too. Who actually looks at the bottom of boxes??

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - gluing down bottom flaps

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - gluing down bottom flaps 2

Whoo! Give yourself a pat on the back, the worst is behind you although that wasn’t so bad was it?

It’s now time to start lining the inside of your new fabric box with the paper. Keep in mind you don’t have to use paper, you can use a coordinating fabric or scrapbook paper. The design possibilities are endless!

Okay, before we start, let me add that I had already prefitted my box with the paper to determine if I would have to cut my paper to size or what. Luckily, because of the size of my box, I don’t have to cut anything to get the look I want.

First thing you I did was create my corners. The reason for creating the corners, is you won’t have any cut lines. So I first get 4 sheets of paper and fold it in half so it looks like a greeting card. Then I cut a slit in the center folds of the paper about 1/2 inch and fold the bottom flaps.

Now Glue the corner into place. I start by adding a string of glue in the corner fold and then pressing the folded crease of the paper into the corner, then gluing down the rest of the corner, one side at time, from top to the bottom flaps.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - 4

Once the corners are glued down, start gluing down the rest of the sides. I take one sheet of paper, line it up with the tops of the corners. Then once I have it where I want, I put something on top of it to hold it in place, while I glue down the top.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - 5

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - 6

After the top is glued down, I proceed to glue down the rest from top to bottom. When I get to the bottom, I fold the extra to match the flaps of the corners and then glue that down as well

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - 7

When you finish the sides, the last thing left to do is the bottom. Since you’ve already put down corners/flaps for the bottom, all you have to do is just fill in the rest! My bottom took only 2 whole sheets of paper, no cutting required. Like the rest, I glued down the paper from top to bottom, it helps prevent bubbles.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - finished inside

DIY No-Sew Fabric Boxes - finished box

These boxes came out absolutely gorgeous. I had enough fabric to make Four large boxes and only spent $30 ( I bought more glue) as opposed to buying 1 box for $25! My inner, frugal queen, is jumping with joy! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please like, share, and comment using the buttons below ♥ Have you ever wanted something really bad but knew it wasn’t budget wise, so you decided to make it yourself? I’d love to hear about it 🙂 As always, Until next time….Peace, Love, & Zaspyness ♥


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