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washi tape holder thumb

DIY Washi Tape Holder

Every since receiving my Erin Condren life planner, I have been obsessed with washi tape! In only 2 Hobby Lobby visits, I have already accumulated over 20 rolls and I’m steadily looking for more. It’s like Pokemon, I got to collect them all! Read more…

6 Easy Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts

I suffer from a disease known as, Procrastination…itis. Birthdays, assignments, cleaning, errands, paying bills — you name it. I am a devoted last minute procrastinator. As you know, Mother’s Day is only 3 days away. That means ordering those great deal online at most stores is a no-go unless you want to pay an arm […] Read more…

dry erase calendar

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

Hi, my name is Christal and I have an addiction to cute stuff {imagines a group of people saying, “Hi Christal”}. I don’t know why, but I love seeing cute creative colorful things organized on my desk and around my room. It’s like the cuteness is the coffee to my creative soul, you know what […] Read more…

12 Household Uses for Toothpaste

A couple weeks ago, I came across this awesome hack on polishing jewelery with toothpaste! I decided to put this hack to the ultimate test by trying it on a ring I had given my late grandmother yeeears ago. It had all of our names wrote beside our corresponding birthstones. Now first let me say, […] Read more…

DIY Deep Conditioner for Curls

Have you ever looked at your deep conditioner and wondered these questions: Why does it make my curls feel & look like a mushy, frizzy, mess? Why does it make my curls feel & look like a tangled briar patch? Why does it contain 6 different types of Alcohol + other ingredients that sound like […] Read more…

DIY Fabric Boxes (No-Sew)

You know what I’ve always wanted? Some really cute fabric boxes. A must-have for any cute bookcase, shelf, desk, or storage design; however, I could never justify paying so much for them. Fabric boxes start anywhere from $6 for small ones, to $20+ for bigger, more useful ones. Not to mention, if you’re trying to […] Read more…

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