College Life

Any all posts related to college life can be found here! This is currently a growing section with lots more on the way!

Ways to Save on College Back to School Shopping

It’s about that time of the year again… back to school shopping. That one time of the year where retailers make us students their prey. They lure us in with such pretty things and sales. Howver, unfortunately, many of us are on budgets, so although the prices may be lower than the normal, we still […] Read more…

What’s In My Bag: College Edition!

  As a few of you fine gems may know, ya girl is an official college broad! I honestly didn’t foresee this day actually happening. Sure, I made preparations, registered, and bought a crap load of school supplies, but I’m a flaky person by nature. I have a long list of cancelled lunch dates, shopping […] Read more…

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